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Explore our waterproof collection of earrings and bracelets, designed for durability and everyday wear. These pieces are crafted to withstand exposure to water without tarnishing or losing their shine. Perfect for active lifestyles, they offer both style and resilience, ensuring your jewellery stays beautiful no matter the conditions.

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Serena S Waterproof HoopsSerena S Waterproof Hoops
Serena S Waterproof Hoops Sale price€20,00
Serena M Waterproof Hoops
Serena M Waterproof Hoops Sale price€25,00
Serena L Waterproof HoopsSerena L Waterproof Hoops
Serena L Waterproof Hoops Sale price€30,00
Serena XL Waterproof HoopsSerena XL Waterproof Hoops
Serena XL Waterproof Hoops Sale price€35,00
Multi Pauline Waterproof BraceletMulti Pauline Waterproof Bracelet
White Danielle Waterproof BraceletWhite Danielle Waterproof Bracelet
Multi Danielle Waterproof BraceletMulti Danielle Waterproof Bracelet
White Mary Waterproof BraceletWhite Mary Waterproof Bracelet
Multi Mary Waterproof BraceletMulti Mary Waterproof Bracelet
White Wendy Waterproof BraceletWhite Wendy Waterproof Bracelet
Multi Wendy Waterproof BraceletMulti Wendy Waterproof Bracelet
Agathe Waterproof Hoops
Agathe Waterproof Hoops Sale price€25,00
Caroline Waterproof Hoops
Caroline Waterproof Hoops Sale price€25,00
Elena Waterproof Hoops
Elena Waterproof Hoops Sale price€30,00
Drop Waterproof EarringsDrop Waterproof Earrings