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Gifts under 30€

Treat yourself or someone special to a touch of luxury! Explore our collection of exquisite jewellery gifts priced between 20€ and 30€ that are sure to dazzle and delight

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87 products

E-Gift CardE-Gift Card
E-Gift Card Sale priceFrom €25,00
Piercing E-Gift CardPiercing E-Gift Card
Piercing E-Gift Card Sale priceFrom €30,00
Sold outBlue April HoopsBlue April Hoops
Blue April Hoops Sale priceFrom €15,00
Pin HoopsPin Hoops
Pin Hoops Sale priceFrom €15,00
White Tri StudsWhite Tri Studs
White Tri Studs Sale priceFrom €12,50
White Wadi HoopsWhite Wadi Hoops
White Wadi Hoops Sale priceFrom €15,00
White Fleur Earrings
White Fleur Earrings Sale priceFrom €12,50
Sold outWhite Medelie HoopsWhite Medelie Hoops
White Medelie Hoops Sale priceFrom €15,00
Emma Chain EarringEmma Chain Earring
Emma Chain Earring Sale priceFrom €30,00
Mini Twist Hoops
Mini Twist Hoops Sale priceFrom €15,00
Sold outWhite April HoopsWhite April Hoops
White April Hoops Sale priceFrom €15,00
Multi Joan EarringsMulti Joan Earrings
Multi Joan Earrings Sale priceFrom €15,00
White Danielle Waterproof BraceletWhite Danielle Waterproof Bracelet
Green April HoopsGreen April Hoops
Green April Hoops Sale priceFrom €15,00
Tiger HoopsTiger Hoops
Tiger Hoops Sale priceFrom €15,00
Mia EarringsMia Earrings
Mia Earrings Sale priceFrom €15,00
White Mary Waterproof BraceletWhite Mary Waterproof Bracelet
Multi Pauline Waterproof BraceletMulti Pauline Waterproof Bracelet
Drop Waterproof EarringsDrop Waterproof Earrings
Green Carmen EarringsGreen Carmen Earrings
Green Carmen Earrings Sale priceFrom €15,00
Soleil HoopsSoleil Hoops
Soleil Hoops Sale priceFrom €15,00
White Corti HoopsWhite Corti Hoops
White Corti Hoops Sale priceFrom €15,00
Sold outMidi Braid Hoops
Midi Braid Hoops Sale priceFrom €12,50
Multi Wendy Waterproof BraceletMulti Wendy Waterproof Bracelet
White Wendy Waterproof BraceletWhite Wendy Waterproof Bracelet
Black Tri StudsBlack Tri Studs
Black Tri Studs Sale priceFrom €12,50
Green Fleur Earrings
Green Fleur Earrings Sale priceFrom €12,50
Green Tri StudsGreen Tri Studs
Green Tri Studs Sale priceFrom €12,50
Green Sophia EarringsGreen Sophia Earrings
Green Sophia Earrings Sale priceFrom €15,00
Multi Theodora EarringsMulti Theodora Earrings
Multi Theodora Earrings Sale priceFrom €15,00
Silver Wadi Hoops
Silver Wadi Hoops Sale priceFrom €15,00
Dots Hoops
Dots Hoops Sale priceFrom €16,00
Elowen Hoops
Elowen Hoops Sale priceFrom €15,00
Dot Climber Earrings
Dot Climber Earrings Sale priceFrom €15,00
Sold outStars Hoops
Stars Hoops Sale priceFrom €15,00
Mel Hoops
Mel Hoops Sale priceFrom €15,00
Michelle HoopsMichelle Hoops
Michelle Hoops Sale priceFrom €15,00
Boa HoopsBoa Hoops
Boa Hoops Sale priceFrom €15,00
I Love You Earrings
I Love You Earrings Sale priceFrom €15,00
Victory Earrings
Victory Earrings Sale priceFrom €15,00
Serena M Waterproof Hoops
Serena M Waterproof Hoops Sale price€25,00
Multi Danielle Waterproof BraceletMulti Danielle Waterproof Bracelet
Multi Mary Waterproof BraceletMulti Mary Waterproof Bracelet
Agathe Waterproof Hoops
Agathe Waterproof Hoops Sale price€25,00
Caroline Waterproof Hoops
Caroline Waterproof Hoops Sale price€25,00
Black Fleur Earrings
Black Fleur Earrings Sale priceFrom €12,50
White Sophia EarringsWhite Sophia Earrings
White Sophia Earrings Sale priceFrom €15,00
Bethany EarringsBethany Earrings
Bethany Earrings Sale priceFrom €15,00
White Theodora EarringsWhite Theodora Earrings
White Theodora Earrings Sale priceFrom €15,00
Serena L Waterproof HoopsSerena L Waterproof Hoops
Serena L Waterproof Hoops Sale price€30,00