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Gifts under 30€

Treat yourself or someone special to a touch of luxury! Explore our collection of exquisite jewellery gifts priced between 20€ and 30€ that are sure to dazzle and delight

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Sold outMini Gold Isla HoopsMini Gold Isla Hoops
Mini Gold Isla Hoops Sale priceFrom €12,50
Sold outBraid HoopsBraid Hoops
Braid Hoops Sale priceFrom €12,50
On salePin HoopsPin Hoops
Pin Hoops Sale priceFrom €9,00 Regular price€15,00
Sold outWhite Tri StudsWhite Tri Studs
White Tri Studs Sale priceFrom €12,50
On saleWhite Anura HoopsWhite Anura Hoops
White Anura Hoops Sale priceFrom €10,50 Regular price€17,50
White Fleur Earrings
White Fleur Earrings Sale priceFrom €12,50
Sold outOn salePink Larme HoopsPink Larme Hoops
Pink Larme Hoops Sale priceFrom €10,50 Regular price€17,50
Sold outCarmen Waterproof Hoops
Carmen Waterproof Hoops Sale price€25,00
Sold outWhite Wendy Waterproof BraceletWhite Wendy Waterproof Bracelet
Sold outMulti Pauline Waterproof BraceletMulti Pauline Waterproof Bracelet
Sold outWhite Pauline Waterproof BraceletWhite Pauline Waterproof Bracelet
Sold outWhite Danielle Waterproof BraceletWhite Danielle Waterproof Bracelet
Maxi Braid Hoops
Maxi Braid Hoops Sale priceFrom €12,50
Midi Braid Hoops
Midi Braid Hoops Sale priceFrom €12,50
Green Drop Ring
Green Drop Ring Sale price€25,00
Serena Ring
Serena Ring Sale price€25,00
Orbit Ring
Orbit Ring Sale price€25,00
Miele RingMiele Ring
Miele Ring Sale price€25,00
Keani Ring
Keani Ring Sale price€25,00
Green Double RingGreen Double Ring
Green Double Ring Sale price€25,00
Crown RingCrown Ring
Crown Ring Sale price€25,00
Bridge Ring
Bridge Ring Sale price€25,00
Blair Ring
Blair Ring Sale price€25,00
Mini Braid Hoops
Mini Braid Hoops Sale priceFrom €12,50
Double Waterproof Hoops
Double Waterproof Hoops Sale price€25,00
Catherine Waterproof Hoops
Catherine Waterproof Hoops Sale price€25,00
Caroline Waterproof Hoops
Caroline Waterproof Hoops Sale price€25,00
Monica Waterproof Hoops
Monica Waterproof Hoops Sale price€25,00
Agathe Waterproof Hoops
Agathe Waterproof Hoops Sale price€25,00
Multi Wendy Waterproof BraceletMulti Wendy Waterproof Bracelet
Multi Theresa Waterproof BraceletMulti Theresa Waterproof Bracelet
White Theresa Waterproof BraceletWhite Theresa Waterproof Bracelet
Sold outMulti Mary Waterproof BraceletMulti Mary Waterproof Bracelet
White Mary Waterproof BraceletWhite Mary Waterproof Bracelet
Multi Danielle Waterproof BraceletMulti Danielle Waterproof Bracelet
Serena M Waterproof Hoops
Serena M Waterproof Hoops Sale price€25,00
Lana Chain Waterproof HoopsLana Chain Waterproof Hoops
Lana Chain Waterproof Hoops Sale price€25,00
Joy Waterproof HoopsJoy Waterproof Hoops
Joy Waterproof Hoops Sale price€25,00
On saleOjo HoopsOjo Hoops
Ojo Hoops Sale priceFrom €10,50 Regular price€17,50