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Gift guide for cool moms

Gift guide for cool moms

Discover the perfect gift for the coolest moms out there with our Mother's Day gift guide! ✨

Shop our selection of stunning jewellery pieces and make her day unforgettable!

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White Corti HoopsWhite Corti Hoops
White Corti Hoops Sale priceFrom €15,00
Mini Green Pulau HoopsMini Green Pulau Hoops
Mini Green Pulau Hoops Sale priceFrom €15,00
Dubie HoopsDubie Hoops
Dubie Hoops Sale priceFrom €15,00
Green Riviera HoopsGreen Riviera Hoops
Green Riviera Hoops Sale priceFrom €17,50
Tiger HoopsTiger Hoops
Tiger Hoops Sale priceFrom €15,00
Green April HoopsGreen April Hoops
Green April Hoops Sale priceFrom €15,00
Raya Earrings
Raya Earrings Sale priceFrom €17,50
Sold outGreen Charlotte HoopsGreen Charlotte Hoops
Green Charlotte Hoops Sale priceFrom €20,00
Sold outCatherine EarringsCatherine Earrings
Catherine Earrings Sale priceFrom €20,00
Jess HoopsJess Hoops
Jess Hoops Sale priceFrom €17,50
Mini Pink Pulau HoopsMini Pink Pulau Hoops
Mini Pink Pulau Hoops Sale priceFrom €15,00
Aqua Water Pattaya EarringsAqua Water Pattaya Earrings
Aqua Water Pattaya Earrings Sale priceFrom €17,50
White Danielle Waterproof BraceletWhite Danielle Waterproof Bracelet
Maxi Lilly HoopsMaxi Lilly Hoops
Maxi Lilly Hoops Sale priceFrom €17,50
Multi Serenity RingMulti Serenity Ring
Multi Serenity Ring Sale price€35,00
Sold outWhite Double Pulau HoopsWhite Double Pulau Hoops
White Double Pulau Hoops Sale priceFrom €17,50
Fleur RingFleur Ring
Fleur Ring Sale price€35,00
Green Fleur Earrings
Green Fleur Earrings Sale priceFrom €12,50
I Love You Earrings
I Love You Earrings Sale priceFrom €15,00
Green Sophia EarringsGreen Sophia Earrings
Green Sophia Earrings Sale priceFrom €15,00
Mia EarringsMia Earrings
Mia Earrings Sale priceFrom €15,00
White Eleanor EarringsWhite Eleanor Earrings
White Eleanor Earrings Sale priceFrom €20,00
Save 25%Anastasia NecklaceAnastasia Necklace
Anastasia Necklace Sale price€30,00 Regular price€40,00
Multi Celestia RingMulti Celestia Ring
Multi Celestia Ring Sale price€40,00
Dot Climber Earrings
Dot Climber Earrings Sale priceFrom €15,00
Multi Wendy Waterproof BraceletMulti Wendy Waterproof Bracelet
White Charlotte HoopsWhite Charlotte Hoops
White Charlotte Hoops Sale priceFrom €20,00
Champagne Evelyn HoopsChampagne Evelyn Hoops
Champagne Evelyn Hoops Sale priceFrom €17,50
Velvet Dark Green Jewellery BoxVelvet Dark Green Jewellery Box
Velvet Pink Jewellery BoxVelvet Pink Jewellery Box
Velvet Pink Jewellery Box Sale price€25,00
Velvet White Jewellery BoxVelvet White Jewellery Box
Velvet White Jewellery Box Sale price€25,00
Kiara NecklaceKiara Necklace
Kiara Necklace Sale price€40,00
Elsa Earrings
Elsa Earrings Sale priceFrom €15,00
Mini Alice Earrings
Mini Alice Earrings Sale priceFrom €17,50
Anna Earrings
Anna Earrings Sale priceFrom €15,00
Tiana Earrings
Tiana Earrings Sale priceFrom €17,50
Curved Merida EarringsCurved Merida Earrings
Curved Merida Earrings Sale priceFrom €20,00
Merida EarringsMerida Earrings
Merida Earrings Sale priceFrom €20,00
Belle Earrings
Belle Earrings Sale priceFrom €17,50
Tennis EarringsTennis Earrings
Tennis Earrings Sale priceFrom €40,00
Rose Quartz Jane Ring
Rose Quartz Jane Ring Sale price€35,00
Labradorite Jane Ring
Labradorite Jane Ring Sale price€35,00
Calcedonia Larme RingCalcedonia Larme Ring
Calcedonia Larme Ring Sale price€40,00
Balance Earrings
Balance Earrings Sale priceFrom €17,50
Caroline Waterproof Hoops
Caroline Waterproof Hoops Sale price€25,00
Multi Mary Waterproof BraceletMulti Mary Waterproof Bracelet
Multi Danielle Waterproof BraceletMulti Danielle Waterproof Bracelet
Serena S Waterproof HoopsSerena S Waterproof Hoops
Serena S Waterproof Hoops Sale price€20,00
Pink Glace HoopsPink Glace Hoops
Pink Glace Hoops Sale priceFrom €17,50