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Article: How to Up your Ear Game

How to Up your Ear Game

You've probably got a huge jewelry collection filled with pieces you love but you’re not making the most of it. Maybe you even forgot about some of your stored pieces!

Or maybe you’re just not confident about which pieces to shop for to work with each other and for you.

We've all been there. So let's start!

1. Don't forget about earrings (guilty guilty guilty)

Do you usually forget about your earrings?

Your earrings are in the field of vision for anyone who is talking to you, so they are definitely important. You should aim to choose earrings to frame your face and complement your hair, eye colour and skin tone.

If you have long hair a great tip is to select a metal finish which is more likely to be visible, contrasting just enough with your hair colour for it to pop.

2. Change your earrings (at least from time to time!)

We are guilty of this ourselves: it can be so easy to wear the same pair of earrings for days or weeks.

But remembering to change up your earrings is a great way to add interest and style to your look day to day. You can make small changes just by simply wearing different small earrings, or by keeping your main earrings but changing the upper ones with hoops that add sparkle and movement.

A good place to start is digging through your own jewelry collection. You can also purchase new earrings that will add some variety and interest to your jewelry collection.

3. Mix metals (don't freak out just yet!)

Once seen as a fashion sin to mix different colours of metal, mixing metals is totally in fashion right now!

We bet it's going to be incredibly easy, since you probably already have a lot of silver and gold pieces. There is an entire world of possibilities that you didn't even noticed that lied on your jewelry box! 

4. Where do you want people to focus? 

If you choose long earrings, the focal point will definitely be on your neck. If you wear a lot of small shiny earrings their attention will be on your hair and eyes. So it's a simple matter of choosing what you want to make sure shines on that day and go for it!

5. Go wild and experiment (you've got this!)

Just put on a very basic outfit and try it out in front of a mirror with various pieces of jewelry from your collection. Try different combinations of jewelry designs you might not normally consider pairing up and add in different accessories like scarves, bags or watches. You’ll be amazed at what you can come up with to vary the look of even the most simple outfit. 

If you don’t have a lot of jewelry or your collection isn't very diverse, then consider the types of jewelry pieces that will add interest to your looks and go shopping.

Isn't it great to have an excuse to treat yourself to some sparkly things? You're welcome!

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