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How to Store your Jewelry so it doesn't tarnish

There are plenty of ways to store jewelry, but did you know that some of them might harmful for the pieces? The best way to store jewelry depends on a few factors like the materials used, the type...

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What does 925 means?

925 means Sterling Silver If the piece has .925 (also written as 925.) stamped on it, this means that it is a silver alloy. Because pure silver is too soft to be used by itself in the making of ...

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How to Measure your Ring Size at Home

There are two easy ways you can measure your ring size right at home so you can finally get your ring measurement right, for good!Your ring should fit your finger comfortably; snug enough so that...

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How to Up your Ear Game

You've probably got a huge jewelry collection filled with pieces you love but you’re not making the most of it. Maybe you even forgot about some of your stored pieces! Or maybe you’re just not co...

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Can i wear Jewelry through Airport Security

Absolutely, for the most part! Gold, sterling silver, and other fine jewelry rarely causes an alarm. That means you can wear your rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets without raising any pr...

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